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Braided Wool Rug #1283 in Vibrant Yellows and Reds

  • 16500

This round wool rug hand braided by Peggy “the Rug Lady” from Oregon will add a splash of vibrant color to your room. Fabrics used were woven at the Pendleton Woolen Mills using 100% virgin wool of the highest quality. The multiple shades of gold and bright red plaid fabrics were manufactured for both blankets and coats. Peggy left the edges exposed on the plaid fabric strips used in the braids, giving this rug a particularly warm, fuzzy feel. The artist used 6-ply Irish linen thread to lace the rug, helping to assure that the hand braided wool rug will last for many years. The medium thick round rug has a 30 in. diameter.

Use tip: If you use this rug on a hard surface floor, you will probably need a nonstick pad to prevent slippage.

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