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Filigrana Canvas—“My Tools”

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Rita Flores de Wallace created her wall piece, “Tools,” in the once-popular drawing technique called “filigrana” in Mexico. The original filigrana (filigree) were pieces of jewelry made with wires. In Mexico, artists used pen and “China ink” for a drawn form of filigrana, and Rita Flores de Wallace learned this technique from one of her teachers. While filigrana drawing is not common now, Rita likes to keep up her practice of the art form.

Rita explains that in “My Tools,” she has depicted the equipment that she uses for her work along with a little wooden duck that she brought from Mexico. Rita has used permanent black markers to draw her design on canvas. She has surrounded the self-framed piece with a crocheted rope of black synthetic yarn. The piece is 17 in. high and 21 in. wide.

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