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Magic Embroidery—Mi Amanecer (My Sunrise)

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This textile piece by Rita Flores de Wallace features a stunning example of her “magic embroidery.” Rita explains that when the Spanish people came to Mexico bringing elaborate woven cloth, Aztec women copied the designs they saw but used needles and thread instead of a loom. “Magic embroidery” was the name given to the resulting needlework.

Mi Amanecer evokes the colors of the sunrise at a special time of the year in Rita’s hometown of Saltillo in Mexico. A tradition was begun by the Guachichiles Indians, who occupied the area before the coming of the Spanish. They watched the colors of the sunrise and sunset over the Sierra Madre Mountains and as they watched, they thought about all creation. Rita’s great grandmother followed this tradition and said about the colors, “This is God painting.”

A crocheted chain around the embroidery, a blue felt backing, and sequins help give the feeling of the special sunrise. A crocheted chain borders the piece, which is self-framed with stretcher bars. Rita has used both glue and stitching for assembling the piece.

Measurements: 21 ½ in. high, 16 ¾ in. wide, 1 ¾ in. deep

Materials: mixed fibers (including metallic yarns), synthetic felt, sequins, wood frame, glue

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