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Relicario— Memory Wall Cape in Black & White

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Rita Flores de Wallace crocheted this wall cape following the example of the mother of a famous bullfighter in Mexico. After this bullfighter died, his mother made a triangular cape to hang on the wall and attached her son’s portrait to its center. In the 1930s and 1940s, other women in Mexico followed suit by creating “Relicarios” (holders of beloved objects) in memory of their own loved ones. They sometimes added pieces of jewelry or other personal items to the triangular hangings.

For this Relicario, Rita used a special “perla” yarn from Latin America in which strands of cotton, synthetic, and metallic threads are mixed. Large beads are incorporated into the crocheted fringe. The hanging rod (36 in.) is stainless steel. When threaded loosely onto the rod, the horizontal side of the hanging measures 29 in. across. From the loops at the top of the rod to the tip of the bottommost fringe, the hanging is 32 in. long.

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