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Zapotec/Oregon Large Woven Pillow #13 PC

  • 18500

Francisco Bautista moved with his family from the state of Oaxaca in Mexico to Sandy, Oregon. He brought the handmade treadle looms and the skills of a 4th generation Zapotec rug weaver. Francisco uses his traditional rug weaving techniques to weave pillow covers such as this one with a red background and an “Eye of God” central design. Francisco explains that the orange diamonds represent all the mountains of the earth as well as the ups and downs of life. His inspiration for these figures came from Navajo as well as Zapotec traditions. Four rows of “lines of life” surround the mountain designs. Francisco wove particularly colorful lines because of the variety in everyday life. Francisco used different cochineal insects to dye the reds and oranges in his pillow. Like his father and grandfather, the Oregon artist uses mostly natural dyes in his weavings.

Francisco’s wife Laura Gutierrez does some weaving and constructs the pillow covers using a black fabric backing with zipper.

This pillow measures 19 1/2 in x 15 ½ in when unstuffed and lying flat. When stuffed with its plump polyfill pillow insert, the straight measurement across the center of the pillow is 17 ½ in x 13 in.

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