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Rainbow Snowmen Egg Ornaments feature a gay snowman couple in top hats and bowties.

Chicken Egg Ornament—Rainbow Snowmen

  • 1550

For same-sex couples decorating for the holidays, Daniela Mahoney has decorated egg ornaments featuring two snowmen or two snow women on a purple background. These Rainbow Snowmen ornaments are made with chicken eggshells and feature two snowmen in top hats and bow ties on a purple background. One of them holds a holiday tree and the other holds a heart striped in rainbow colors. A rose design is below the snowy pair.

Daniela has used an eastern European style to hand engrave real eggshells. She carves the design through a layer of paint that she has applied to each egg, exposing the natural eggshell color. The artist has attached a hook to the egg and provided a specially designed gift box. For those who wish to display the egg on a table or desk, egg hangers are available (choose the smaller one for this chicken egg). These Rainbow Snowpeople egg ornaments (see also Rainbow Snow Women) will be great holiday gifts for the gay and lesbian couples in your life.

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