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Medium-small lauhala bracelet in light green and natural colors from the Big Island of Hawaii

Lauhala Bracelet—Wide Medium

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Sandy Yamasaki makes her bracelets using lauhala (the leaves of the hala or Pandanus tree) on the Big Island of Hawaii. She gathers her lauhala when it is dry but still attached to the tree. Then she washes and sterilizes the leaves, rolls them using “something like a pasta machine,” and strips the fiber into different widths. Sandy has used a commercial dye to produce the soft green in this bracelet, but other colors are the natural colors of the leaves.

This bracelet is for a medium-small wrist. It has an inner circumference of 8 in. Its width is 1 ¾ in.—one of the wider bracelets. To find out what size bracelet you need, fold your thumb and little finger into your palm with fingers extended (as your hand would be when inserting it into the bracelet). Then measure around the largest part of your hand. This will be the size (inside circumference) of the bracelet you will need.

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