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Washi Greeting Cards—Set of 4—Camellias

  • 1950

Camellias were raised in gardens in China and Japan long before they arrived in Europe or the United States. Each of the four cards in this set features a camellia blossom created from Japanese washi paper that has been cut and glued to form a whorl of deep pink petals and surrounding green leaves. Washi paper, used for several Japanese art forms, was traditionally handmade by farmers during the winter months. It is still produced in Japan with a painstaking process using pulp from kozo or other plant fibers. Petals, leaves, and stem were each cut individually for these cards. The washi paper flowers are different sizes and shapes—just like in nature. Dimensions of the cards are 5 ½ in x 4 ¼ in. Most camellia cards open horizontally, but a few open vertically. Each card is blank inside, comes with an envelope, and is protected by a cellophane wrapper, and each is a work of art suitable for framing.

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