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Wee Wooly Sheep—Dark Fleece Selection

Wee Wooly Sheep—Dark Fleece Selection

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Anne Carroll Gilmour creates wool wrapped soft sculptures that playfully resemble the sheep from which their wool was sheared. If you order a dark colored sheep, you will receive a sculpture made with brown, grey, or black wool that came from a Navajo Churro, Hebridean, Jacob, Corriedale, Shetland, or Black Welsh sheep. It will come with a tag that identifies its breed as well as the name of the actual sheep from which its wool came. The soft fibers are wrapped lightly so that you can feel the true texture of the wool. The sizes of the Wee Wooly Sheep vary, but the average dimensions are 3/12 inches for both nose to tail and horn to hoof. This picture shows several of Anne’s dark Wee Woolies, and yours will resemble one of them. Please contact us if you have a specific sheep request.

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