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Braided Rug #1290 in Gold, Brown, & Gray

  • 26400

The gold adds novelty to this area rug that might otherwise be described as having “neutral tones.” The gold, browns, gray, and black together create a warm and interesting blend. Peggy the Rug Lady braided this rug by hand using 100% virgin wool fabric produced by Pendleton Woolen Mills. She first cut the fabric into strips, then began the braiding, turning the fabric edges under to create a clean finish. So that the rug will withstand years of wear, Peggy laced the rug with 6-ply linen thread. This oval hand braided wool rug measures 24 in x 36 in.

Use tip: If you use this rug on a hard surface floor, you will probably need a nonstick pad to prevent slippage.

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