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Braided Rug #1308—Round Rug in Blues

  • 42500

This handsome round wool hand braided rug could be called a study in blues. There are royal & dark blues as well as dusty and sky blues. Concentric circles of white and black and spots of deep red give the rug added color depth. Peggy the Rug Lady, an Oregon braider, made this rug using 100% virgin wool fabric produced by Pendleton Woolen Mills. Peggy is renowned for her color combinations, and the color mix shows up particularly well in round rugs such as this one. The fiber artist strives for durability as well as beauty in her rugs. To make certain that the rug will stand up to many years of wear, Peggy laced the rug with 6-ply linen thread. This round braided rug in blues has a diameter of 40 in.

Use tip: If you use this rug on a hard surface floor, you will probably need a nonstick pad to prevent slippage.

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