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Handwoven Blanket by Heritage Blankets—Chimayó Hourglass Design with Dark Background

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Heritage Blankets, from Espanõla, New Mexico, are beautiful and also exemplify admirable sustainable production practices. They are hand woven using wool from Navajo-churro sheep, a rare breed raised in the same region. Even the yarn is spun at a local mill. Producing the blankets serves to sustain traditions in the arts and agriculture of northern New Mexico while providing income greatly needed by people in the rural communities of the region. The Heritage Blanket designs were inspired by designs that have been woven in Northern New Mexico beginning over 400 years ago. This blanket features the Chimayó Hourglass design with shapes in cream, light brown, and dark brown over a medium dark grey-brown background. It measures approximately 47 in. x 72 in. Inspiration for the hourglass design came from a motif repeatedly seen in Chimayó weaving. Chimayó weaving is a style named for a town near Española that is renowned as a major center of Hispanic weaving. As in other Heritage Blankets, the colors in this blanket remain exactly as they are after the wool is sheared from the sheep and carefully washed. No dye is used. Leigh Alexander designed this blanket using the “summer and winter” weaving pattern that allows both warp and weft to show and opposite pattern colors to predominate on the two sides. A soft leather tag is hand sewn onto one corner. You may use your blanket as a throw on your chair or sofa or to dress up your bed with an accent of beauty and warmth. The blanket was woven by Isaiah Valdez, a young single father from a family with a long history of Chimayó weaving. Heritage Blankets New Mexico is supported by the non-profit Española Valley Fiber Arts Center.

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