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Handwoven Tongotongo Patterned Pillow

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Georgia Wier of Oregon used yarns handspun and dyed in Swaziland for the vibrantly colored handwoven cover used for this throw pillow. The African women spinners and dyers were members of a coop, and the yarns were named “Tongotongo.” That coop no longer exists in Swaziland, but other textile-oriented coops persist. Georgia’s weaving pattern resembles honeycombs. As you can see, the pillow’s front and back have patterned stripes of varying widths. 98% of the yarns used are cotton; the rest are rayon. In order to dry clean the pillow cover, you must undo the hand stitching on one edge. The pillow measures 20 in x 17 in from edge to edge and 16 in x 14 in when viewed from above.

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