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Washi Greeting Cards by Kimiko Side—Set of 4—Childhood

  • 1950

The four cards in this set are made by hand by cutting and/or folding pieces of washi paper. Washi paper, used for several Japanese art forms, was traditionally handmade by farmers during the winter months. It is still produced in Japan with a painstaking process using pulp from kozo or other plants fibers. Each of these cards illustrates a different aspect of childhood traditions in Japan. One highlights Boy’s Day and includes a bamboo pole with two origami fish and a kabuto or 5th century Samurai helmet. A second features Kimekomi balls, decorative Japanese balls made with fabric. The third card depicts two children at play, and the fourth includes a boy and girl in red and blue kimonos with origami elements. Dimensions of the cards are 5 ½ in x 4 ¼ in. Three cards open horizontally and one opens vertically. Each card is blank inside, comes with an envelope, and is protected by a cellophane wrapper, and each is a work of art suitable for framing.

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